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=== 3. Add statements ===
Statements are essential for any item, as they describe it in more detail and are easily understandable by a program. To add a statement to an item, click the ''+ add statement'' link under the ''Statements'' header (or at the bottom of all statements if the item already has some). A new box will appear; follow these steps to add the statement!
# Add a property: use the left text box to select a property. Just start typing the name of the property and choose from the drop-down!
# Add a value: add the value for the property you selected. Some properties only accept other items as values; if that's the case, you will see a drop-down when you start typing. If this happens, just choose the option from the drop-down.
# Add a reference (optional): you can specify where did you get that data from. To do so, use the ''+ add reference'' button.
# Save!
Sometimes a single property needs multiple values. In this case, just click the ''edit'' button after saving the statement and then click the ''+ add value'' link.
;How do I know which properties to add?
it's pretty easy! Just go to an item that is similar in topic to the one you are creating. If you are creating a pronoun set, take a look at [[Item:Q1|they/them]]; for a gender identity, to [[Item:Q6|nonbinary]]; and so on. All items should have a base property called [[Property:P1|instance of]] that defines what are you defining in that page (pronoun, gender identity, person, etc.). Other than that, the statements you add will change according to the item topic.
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