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== Creating an item ==
=== 1. Check offor duplicates ===
It's very important that you check if the item already exists. To do so, just type the word or name of the item you want to create in the search box. If there are no results, go to the next step! If there are results, go to the item page and check if there is missing information; if so, skip to step #3 to learn how to add more data to an item.
;How do I know which properties to add?
it's pretty easy! Just go to an item that is similar in topic to the one you are creating. If you are creating a pronoun set, take a look at [[Item:Q1|they/them]]; for a gender identity, to [[Item:Q6|nonbinary]]; and so on. All items should have a base property called [[Property:P1|instance of]] that defines what are you defining in that page (pronoun, gender identity, person, etc.). Other than that, the statements you add will change according to the item topic.
=== 4. Celebrate! ===
That's about all you need to know to get started! If you think you can't remember all this information, then just remember this: '''be bold.''' Don't be afraid of errors! We've all been in your shoes, trying to figure out how something works. Don't be afraid of messing something up; old revisions of all pages are stored and easily accessible, so we can always un-mess it! :)
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